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Management and organizational structure of ”SBALPFZ – Varna” EOOD

Diagnostic and Consultative Unit

Diagnostic and advisory offices

Pulmonary functional office

Bronchological office

Department of Diagnostic Imaging

Microbiological laboratory - the only in the field of diagnosis of tuberculosis

Clinical laboratory


X-ray methods

Conventional X-ray diagnostics – Method for obtaining two-dimensional image based on the different levels of weakening of X-rays in the different body structures. The main conventional methods are:
- Radiography – passed through the tissues X-rays form stationary two-dimensional image of the body structures on the x-ray image converter (X-ray film).
- X-ray spectroscopy – the image is visualized on the monitor screen through X-ray electronic optical converter and TV camera. This allows for dynamic analysis of processes and pathological changes.


Key priorities of the laboratories:
- certification by the National System for external control;
- High quality of diagnostic;
- patient care in due time;
- maintenance and systematic training of the personnel;
- affordable prices.

The laboratories perform the following tests:
- hospitalized and contactable patients;
- patients under dispensary observation;
- ambulatory health care services under payment;

MICROBIOLOGICAL LABORATORY – the only in the field of diagnosis of tuberculosis.

Head of Microbiological laboratory – Violina Kaludova, M.D.

CLINICAL LABORATORY – Second level of competence

Pneumo-phthiziatric department:

Head of the Department: Petar Petrov, M.D.

Yuliyan Yordanov, M.D. – Specialist in internal diseases

Rumyana Radoslavova, M.D. - Physician

Seniour nurse - Todorka Dyulgerova